Lady doth protest too much

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Off to gym at lunch time to do some running even though my lungs feel like death! And some yoga on the mats there. Been far too long. I’m going to be up near the yoga class gym a lot more soon so going to try and go to them. Then meeting my bro and seeing my dad, then New game of thrones finally!!! Nic owes us big ha ha. I need to decide if I’m going to Thailand or Brazil going to discuss with father Morgan. I love Actually seeing places now :D eeeep.

Round tower, Copenhagen

 Catherine Pierce <3

We could bring a blanket for the grassCover up your eyes so you don’t seeIf you let me go I’m running fast
The Pierces - you’ll be mine

"It’d be a tragedy for anyone that was your girl
Because the saddest part is
You want the love of all the girls"

- The pierces


8 week progress! 
Left- not flexing
Middle- not flexing
Right- posing